Renault Master, 10,8m3, Diesel, 115CV

filled up with production equipment, with roof rack and ladder

Our Set Transporter contains more than 300 articles and it's interior fittings is developed to have almost all equipment available without searching and clearing.

Besides the usual basic equipment there are a lot of articles for loss and accident prevention.


So with our Set Transporter we offer you a compact, smart and favorable solution for all kind of production equipment, which could be helpful around a set.


  5 x "EZ-up" tents with sidewalls

15 x foldable chairs

  1 x make up mirror

  1 x generator 2kw

  8 x walkie talkies with spare bateries, headsets and

        multi charger

  9 x foldable tables, different sizes

  3 x ladder, different types & sizes

  1 x iron & ironing board

20 x traffic cones, 2 sizes

10 x security vests

20 x rain capes

  2 x fire extinguisher

  1 x first aid kit

  3 x parasoles

  3 x "Golf"umbrellas

  2 x foldables clothing rails

30 x cloth hangers

10 x towels, 2 sizes

  1 x printer

  1 x vacuum cleaner

  1 x set of ramps

  1 x professional car jack

  1 x quickstarter for cars

  1 x toolkit case

  5 x set signs

  5 x bath robes

15 x sand bags

  2 x 100w working lights

  1 x mag-lite 3cell

  1 x megaphone

  1 x hair dryer

  1 x ventilator

  ... and more than 100 additional articles ...