background system

Background System
Portable background system, height up to 256cm, steplessly extendible between 120-307cm

background system, backgrounds photographer

High-quality cotton backgrounds for background system, dimensions 300 x 600cm, approx. 135-145gr/qm, available in black, white, grey, green (chroma) & blue (chroma)

Avenger A6308, tripod, stand

Avenger Tripod A6308
Aluminium stand, versatile and lightweight, height 91-327cm, weight 2,2kg, 4 sections, max. loading capacity 9,1kg, attachment size 5/8" stud

walimex wt-806, tripod, stand, wt806

Walimex Tripod WT-806
Sturdy and stable lamp stand, height 98-256cm, weight 2,2kg, max. loading capacity 6kg, 5/8" stud, with quick-release lever and shock absorbers in each section

tripod dolly, stand wheels, tripod wheels

Tripod Dolly
Dolly with smooth- running, seperate lockable wheels, max. loading capacity 50kg, height 13cm, suitable for most common tripods

tripod wheels

Tripod Wheels
Set of 3 tripod wheels, rugged, for all kind of tripods between 18-23mm

reflector, reflector set

Reflector 5in1
Circular with 150cm diameter, colors gold, silver, black, white and translucent, with transport bag


Sand Bag
Sand bag, weight approx. 7kg