Different types and sizes

pool leaf collector, leaf collector

Pool Leaf Collector

Different types and sizes

broom, mop, bucket

Broom, Mop, Bucket, ...

Different types and sizes

vacuum cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner
2000W output power, without bag

Karcher, kärcher, kaercher, kärcher 4.600

Kärcher 4.600
Pressure washer, pressure 20-130Bar, max. water flow rate 440ltr/h, 1900W output power, with lots of accessories

leaf blower, wind machine, makita dub182z

Makita "DUB-182-Z"
Makita leaf blower, runs with 18V battery,  variable power, comes with a spare battery and charger

leaf blower, wind machine, makita dub362z

Makita "DUB-362-Z"

Makita leaf blower, runs with 2 x 18V batteries, variable power, comes with 2 spare batteries and charger

waste paper basket, waste bin

Waste-Paper Basket

Waste bin for the office

"pop-up" trash can, trash can

Trash Can "Pop-Up"

"Pop-Up" Trash can, approx. 100ltr, color dark green

trash can with lid, trash can

Trash Can with Lid

Plastic trash can with lid, 100ltr 

waste bin with lid and pedal, bin

Waste Bin
Waste bin with lid and pedal, 120 ltd

ozone generator, ozone

Ozone Generator
Generates up to 16g of ozone per hour, air flow 130m3/h, for ozone shock treatments