Ozone generator

What is Ozone "O3"?


Ozon3 "O3" is an extremely unstable gas, it decomposes quickly and easily to form oxygen. It has a high oxidizing power, which means that it is very good for odour control and as a disinfectant and it can be considered one of the fastest and most effective germicidal agents. 


It is therefore used to restore the ideal environmental conditions to eliminate bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses in the environment and in the materials in which they are present (curtains, furniture, carpets, etc.) and to eliminate odours such as tobacco, food, solvents, animals, drains, adhesives, etc.


Apart from its great disinfecting power, ozone has other advantages, such as the elimination of the need for bins or tanks, thus saving on plastic and waste, it is an easy to obtain and cheap product that is completely ecological, does not pollute, produces nothing and dissolves easily back into oxygen. 

creación ozono, ozono

The ozone generator


Our ozone generador are electromechanical devices that convertido oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3). They are equipped with a timer to regulate the treatment time. These generators are designed for shock treatment (type A), therefore it is a highly concentrated ozone treatment which does not allow the presence of people, food, plants, etc...


These generators are used to disinfect closed spaces, such as rooms, apartments, houses, vehicles, halls, garages, warehouses, workshops, etc. For the treatment nothing is needed except the generator itself and a power connection. The ozone disinfects the place and eliminates among others viruses, bacterias and odours as described above. 

Although it is very easy to operate these generators, we do not advise people who are not specifically trained in ozone treatment to use them, as high concentrations of it are poisonous and can cause coughing, sore throat, headaches and breathing difficulties. 


We offer the service of ozone treatment with previously trained personnel, familiar with this type of disinfection. For more information click here

Ozone specifications (spanish):

ICSC 0068 - OZONO.pdf
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Generator characteristics:







Air flow:












25 x 18 x 15 cm

4 kg

150 w

16 g/h


130 m3/h 

Working conditions:









< 80%

< 1 mg/m3

< 150 ppm