Motorola "DP1400"

The Motorola "DP1400" is the "new CP040", an easily operated and well rugen walkie-talkie for the communication between crew members at presentations, events, film shoots, for security companies, tv productions and other service providers.

Due to 16 channels and private frequencies several groups are able to communicate at the same time without any limitation and interruption. Depending on the circumstances the radio sends signals of up to 5km and can be operated both on a fixed location or in (moving) vehicles. 


The "DP1400" is dust- and splashproof and is assigned to the protection rating IP54. In addition there are splash bags available for activities on or near by the water. This bag will prevent any water or liquids getting in and is tightened with a cord. 


A wide range of head sets and other accessories are available too.

The battery lasts up to 10 hours. Every walkie comes with a spare battery, so if necessary they can be changed quickly and nobody loses the contact to other crew members. According to requirements single or multi chargers will be supplied.